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Our Aotearoa Upstanders and Me

We are lucky to have some amazing Upstanders in Aotearoa. Here's how to find out more about them, and inspire tamariki to be Upstanders too.
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Use our Aotearoa Upstander frame to draw one of our awesome Aotearoa Upstanders!


Being an upstander has a really big effect. Many of our famous (and not so famous) New Zealanders were and are upstanders – they have been standing up for what’s fair and right.

To check out Upstander info, this is the best link to head to.

What to do

Get tamariki to work in groups to discover more about some famous Aotearoa Upstanders. You can either allocate an upstander to each group (we’ve listed some below!) or get each group to come up with their own Upstander.

Some outstanding Upstanders:

  • Dame Whina Cooper
  • Te Whiti-o-Rongomai and Tohu Kākahi
  • Te Puea Hērangi,
  • Māui Pōmare and
  • Hōne Heke
  • Sonny Bill Williams
  • Taika Waititi
  • Chloe Swarbrick
  • Kiritapu Allan
  • Ngahuia te Awekotuku
  • Carmen Rupe
  • Max Tweedie
  • Kevin Haunui

For one or each Upstander tamariki can draw a picture of the Upstander using this frame.

What next?

Find out about any Upstanders inside of a student's own whānau using Whānau Posters.

Talk about the strengths Upstanders use to be brave with Discover Your Strengths

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