Sparklers at Home


Fun wellbeing activities to support whānau to look after their wellbeing and feel good.

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Selected: Feeling Good

Keeping chill if you're back in your bubble

Our top tips to keep things calm (or as calm as possible!)

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Sparklers and home-learning

Our best tips for bringing Sparklers and wellbeing activities into your home-learning. It's soooooo easy!

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Face masks and superheroes!

We're seeing more face masks around, which is great, but some tamariki may find this worrying or strange - here's a way to normalise face masks.

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DIY home-learning planner

Back in bubble time might feel hard, but get your routine sorted and you'll soon be rocking it!

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Energy Rollercoaster

Learn about energy levels and how we can match them to fit the situation.

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Discover Your Strengths

Support your child to learn their strengths and discover yours too - while you're at it!

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Whānau Poster

Capture memories of your whānau - it builds connection both to them and your family's history.

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What's in a Name?

Names are important and often have special meaning or a story. Share and capture these.

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Juicy, Crispy, Crunch

A super simple introduction to mindfulness using your next snack break to practice.

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Sensory Poetry

Honing in on our senses develops our mindfulness skills – and mindfulness gives our wellbeing a boost!

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Mandala Colouring

When we 'lose ourselves,', in a calm activity it's called a 'flow' state. AND is happiness producing!

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Favourite Spaces

We all need a favourite space to retreat to! This activity validates the need for everyone to have a calm, happy space.

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Musical Adventures

A fun activity which helps us learn about the connection between music and our moods

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The Faces Game

Your whānau needs to talk about how you're all feeling (in a good way!) Here's a fun place to start.

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Sense of the Day

Mindfulness has heaps of wellbeing benefits. Here's a week of opportunities to learn to be more mindful.

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Musical Emotions

An activity to identify some of the music we feel connected to, and why.

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Pirate Play

This is a goodie to take to lawn, let your inhibitions go and have some dramatic, active fun!

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Body Scan

This is a mindfulness activity where you and the kids can find some proper, inner calm.

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Wellbeing activities for the whānau

Simple whānau activities that have the added bonus of boosting wellbeing!

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How to help kids feel good & have fun

Our tamariki need the basics – like food, warmth, shelter and clothing – but how can we foster their self-esteem and make them feel safe and loved? Here are our top tips.

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