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Fun wellbeing activities to support whānau to look after their wellbeing and feel good.

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Selected: Managing Emotions

Face masks and superheroes!

We're seeing more face masks around, which is great, but some tamariki may find this worrying or strange - here's a way to normalise face masks.

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Energy Rollercoaster

Learn about energy levels and how we can match them to fit the situation.

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Sliding Emotions

Get on top of the big emotions like anger and worry with this fun technique.

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Tummy Breathing

Kids need to calm their energy or big emotions - step one, learn to tummy breathe!

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Magic Minute

Practise tummy breathing to lengthen our time relaxing and being mindful. A whānau chillax!

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Sensory Kete

Having things available that help us calm down is important at any age - start em young!

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Favourite Spaces

We all need a favourite space to retreat to! This activity validates the need for everyone to have a calm, happy space.

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Worries 101

The all you and your tamariki need to know about anxiety - sometimes understanding the neuroscience really helps.

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The Faces Game

Your whānau needs to talk about how you're all feeling (in a good way!) Here's a fun place to start.

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Musical Emotions

An activity to identify some of the music we feel connected to, and why.

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Game Face

This is a fave in the classroom and easily brought to home - so much fun!

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Body Scan

This is a mindfulness activity where you and the kids can find some proper, inner calm.

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Chitter Chatter

Help your kids talk about how they're feeling - in a fun way!

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How to help kids keep calm

Experiencing frustration, disappointment, fear and jealousy is challenging, even as adults. This guide offers tips and advice for helping your tamariki understand and manage big emotions.

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How to help kids manage worries

Our tamariki mightn’t have to pay bills, cook dinners or organise carpools but just like us they face daily demands and worries, and what seems trivial to us can be important to them. So what can we do to help?

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