You will likely be experiencing a whole bunch of emotions right now, which is all completely normal. There will be both the practical impacts, as well as worrying about your whānau.

We know that for many parents the question of how to talk to or explain this to our kids can seem pretty daunting – we don’t want to worry them, but we also don’t want to lie to them. Here are our top tips to guide you through:

  • Let them know that you don’t do that work any more. You can let them know the work has stopped because of Covid or the bug – however that’s been described in your house and school. Reassure them that you’ll be looking for new work, and emphasise any positive outcomes too, like that this will mean more time together.
  • Children may have lots of questions - and they may be all about the impacts for them! That’s normal - answer them as you can. If they’re worried, they’ll miss out on something you can always say “we don’t need to decide about that now.”
  • Your kids may have some great ideas to help and they may choose to give up some activities. Allow them to make these decisions and contribute in this way. Empower them to help with the solutions.
  • Stick to your routines and focus on the things you can control – you’ll be a great role-model for them.
  • Keep conversations that you know kids won’t understand fully, away from them – after bed, in another room. Let them know you need some time out or time to talk quietly. Again, this is all great role-modelling.

We wish you, and your whānau all the best. Reading this says loads about how cool and caring you are as a parent and person!