Ideas for Tāmaki Makaurau whānau because it can be hard sometimes

Many whānau in Tāmaki Makaurau are having a tough time right now - it’s totally normal to feel a bit flat, stressed or all over the place when times are tough.

Here are some quick go-to's that can help lift the mood, calm things down, and help provide a bit more hope and perspective.

Whatever the mood (and you may be feeling more than one) - we’re thinking of you and sending aroha!

When things feel stressful and frazzled!

When things are calm - deep sigh...

When things feel too bouncy!

When things feel totally hōhā

When things feel overwhelming and wobbly

Naming and owning our feelings helps us to understand them, connect with each other and lets us know we’re not alone.
Connecting with others and feeling connected are important aspects of our social needs and relate strongly to our wellbeing. Encourage tamariki to connect with their friends outside of their home learning Zooms and Whereby's.
Laughter is a great mood booster… and stress buster! Remember to have fun!
Having something to look forward to encourages us to feel hopeful and optimistic. Kōrero with your tamariki about fun things you’re planning for Level 2!
Spending time outside brings on emotions such as awe and wonder (feel goods!) and provides opportunities to be more mindful.

And then you might want to make your way through: