It's not always going to be fun in your bubble...

Lots of time together, and lots of conflicting demands on our time can be super tricky, dare we use the word ‘stressful’ even? Things will get tense sometimes– that’s normal, so finding ways to make your bubble as happy and calm as possible is super important.

Tips to keep things cool in your bubble:

  1. Have a light structure to your day that includes home-learning time and work time, but also some physical activity and outside time. Being active and getting outside boosts our wellbeing and improves our mood. Try our DIY planner for starters
  2. Be like Elsa and ‘let it go!’ This is only for a short time so if there’s more screen time than normal… just let it go. None of this is worth any conflict.
  3. Discover your strengths together and think about one strength you can ‘dial up’ in the tricky moments or when everyone’s feeling a bit hōhā. We've got this covered - Discover Your Strengths as a whānau.
  4. Add calm to your day so that it becomes a focus for your whānau – try Tummy Breathing, Hikitia he Hā or Cosmic Kids Yoga. We’re big fans of the saying ‘what you focus on, you get more of!’
  5. Make a ’Chill Time’ list of the things the kids can do independently, and like doing. Then when the goings getting tough, call Chill Time and let everyone spend time apart doing one of their Chill Time list activities – even if it means the dishes have to wait or you’re half way through the baking they were super keen on 3 minutes ago – give everyone permission (as well as yourself) to just chill out.