To get started... choose activities that appeal to you!

This will mean you're more likely to give them a try and you'll get a sense of how they run, what your children like and that they're actually pretty fun.

Sparklers activities have been developed by NZ specialists, steeped in science and well-tested. They actively teach your kids about how to look after and even improve their wellbeing - an important piece of life-long learning. Oh, and teachers and parents tell us they learn about theirs too!

So just scroll down the Sparklers at Home activities and choose one you'll 'try' with the kids... today!

Add Sparklers activities to your specific home-learning time

Your child's teacher may assign some Sparklers activities as part of your child's home-learning. Chances are, this means your child already knows about Sparklers and they'll be able to lead the way and support you to join in the fun.

Sometimes teachers promote home-learning loosely and define it as time spent doing things that encourage your child's academic learning, creative learning as well as the inclusion of physical activity - so we've categorised some of the Sparklers at Home activities to help. You may even start with our DIY Planner which will help make your day awesome!

Academic time

Creative time

  • Mandala Colouring - relax with a bit of good ol' colouring-in
  • Musical Adventures - learn about the connection between music and our moods
  • Musical Emotions - find the songs that you love and discover why
  • Game Face - have a bit of fun showing your child how emotions look on your face
  • Pirate Play - a fun and energising game, great for more than 1 child and out on the lawn

Physical activity time

Use Sparklers and wellbeing activities as part of your family time, free time and play time

Any of the Sparklers activities can be used as part of your time together as a family either relaxing or playing. Teachers often find that while they'll 'teach' a Sparklers activity as part of the classroom learning, children will head off and play them together with their friends during the breaks.

We've also put together some family wellbeing boosting activity sheets to make things easier still.

This guide has been created with the invaluable advice from Nick Gunn, Principal @ Redwood School.