Groovy Ways to Help Kids Keep Calm Any Day

These are directly linked to our Sparklers activities, which schools use to teach children ways to manage big emotions, be good friends, understand their unique strengths and lots more.

Sparklers is all about helping our tamariki live brighter, and it seems through our research that both teachers and kids love the activities.

We wanted to offer you some Sparklers for the holidays to help bring the cool things kids learn at school, into your home too. One thing we’re often asked for is helping kids manage their big emotions. Here are a few of our favourite activities for this, which if done a little and often, will really help – now and long term!

Why we love Wellbeing Walkabouts

Spending time in nature is beneficial to our wellbeing as it helps us take notice of our surroundings and how they make us feel.

This activity is also is an opportunity to explore our special outdoor places, and to let your children take the lead and show you their special places and tell you why. There is a connection between our emotions and places that make us feel good. And that’s pretty cool!

What to do

To plan your wellbeing walkabout:

  • Let your kids know that over the holidays or over the next few weekends, you’re going to do a special walking loop around some of their favourite spaces and places – at home, around the neighbourhood, or near a relative’s house.
  • Agree on five spots you’ll visit on your route and write a list or create a map of where the places are.
  • Plan your wellbeing walkabout, discussing who’ll come with you, when you’ll do it, how long it’ll take and the ‘stocks and supplies’ you might need to bring.

While on your walkabout

  • Talk about using your senses – what can you see looking up, looking down, studying tiny details; what sorts of things can you smell and hear along the way; what does the ground feel like underfoot? Tuning into our senses can be really calming and grounding… and not just for kids!
  • Be curious and don’t take things too seriously — play, stop along the way, try seeing the world at different levels… child height, adult height, cat or dog height!
  • Photograph or draw different areas (kids could add these to their Sensory Kete)
  • Talk about how they feel in each special place, and why.

What next

Take a trip to a favourite place and try using your senses again. It could be the beach, a park you haven’t visited for a while, a favourite day trip spot.

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