Keen to do more? You might like to check out these awesome wellbeing initiatives and organisations. They’ve got our big tick of All Right? approval.

All Right's best-est books & vids for kids!

Looking for books and resources that teach kids how to manage worries, be kind and feel good about who they are? Here are our top picks!

Character Day

An outcome of Let It Ripple and their emphasis on positive psychology – character day is a day to celebrate ‘character strengths’ - something all schools can be involved with. The webpage is also filled with loads of other resources you may want to use in your classrooms (any day)! We also love Let it Ripple short films, particularly - Science of Character (8 mins) and Adaptable Mind (11 mins).

Pause, Breathe, Smile

A collaboration between the Mental Health Foundation and the Mindfulness Education Group, this is New Zealand’s own locally developed and researched mindfulness programme for schools, which we think is terrific.

Yoga Warriors

This is a Christchurch based initiative providing a 10-week yoga programme in schools combined with Te Reo Maori. There are many links to the curriculum and we know first-hand how great Letitia (your instructor) is.

MHERC Library

MHERC (Mental Health Education and Resource Centre) provides seminars and presentations, but also has an extensive free library which includes many of the books we recommend as a part of Sparklers for teachers and parents. This is really worth checking out!

ERO - Wellbeing for success

Another template framework from ERO including great resources and research links with firm New Zealand/ Aotearoa foundations. Designed for ages 12 - 19, but still very relevant for primary schools as well. We also like their 2013 publication which can be found here.

Innovative Resources

These guys have some fantastic resources, particularly their Strengths Cards, so if you’re looking to extend the work you’re doing around children’s strengths and some new ways to do this, check Innovative Resources out.

IPEN (International Positive Education Network)

Information, a library, articles, oodles of helpful resources to help navigate a positive wellbeing strategy in your school.

Flourishing Post

Weekly newsletters, wellbeing resource library for wellbeing champions in schools, and a facebook page created by Aucklander Ara Simmons, who is an Educator, Coach and Positive Psychology Practitioner. She is particularly focused on bringing wellbeing to diverse communities. We also love her website Flourishing Minds.

Hagley College Te Reo & English Wellbeing Resources

Hagley College have innovatively created Strengths, PERMA model and Growth Mindset resources in both English and Te Reo. They start from around $18 plus GST, which we believe is great buying for your classroom strengths-based kete. Email Emma Lumb for an order form. All purchases also come with access to an online pronunciation guide for Reo Maori.

University Bookshop

Our Canterbury University Bookshop has a wide selection of books focussed on positive education and positive psychology - all the big names feature - Martin Seligman, Brené Brown, Carol Dweck, Lucy Hone, Angus Macfarlane. They also have all the books available from the 2018 Positive Education conference. Free shipping in NZ - a great way to begin your school's positive education library and journey.

Year 0-2 Cross Curriculum Wellbeing Resource

This resource promotes healthy eating, physical activity, sleep and relaxation as essential determinants to present and future health and wellbeing. The resource is constructed as three half hour inquiry lessons, and topics cover are; nourishing food and beverages (focused on breakfast and choosing water as the first and best option), how and why we move, and relaxation and sleep. Learning tasks and intentions are linked to the health of the body and mind (physical wellbeing), to moods, feeling and emotions (mental / emotional well-being) and to identity (spiritual well-being).

This resources has been written by Aimee Hampton of Eat, Move & Live. Eat & Move to Live works with individuals wanting support to eat well and move more, and with groups or communities wanting to create environments / programs that celebrate and nurture health and well-being. Aimee has a sport science and exercise prescription background, and is a former secondary school teacher.