Post bubble resources

A few thoughts for you at this topsy turvy time

As teachers, we all want to be able to bring out our ‘A Game’, and the next few weeks are going to be challenging. Here are some things that can help:

  1. Discover your Strengths, or simply look through the strengths and think about which ones may help you through this time. Choose a new one each day if you like, or stick with a goodie – it’s all good!
  2. While some of us are more social than others, we’ve all missed the everyday interactions we sometimes take for granted. Now’s the time to make your preparations social where you can! Prepare with colleagues and with tamariki. And remember, you’re good at preparation, but you’re especially good at being with tamariki – having them together and holding a safe and nurturing space for them while they’re at school – and that’s what will be the most important thing.
  3. In fact, project how you want to feel when you’re back at school. That’s a good place to start your planning! And perhaps share this with the people who support your work.
  4. Create tiny goals! Even day-to-day, consider the question, what will make today a little better? That’s all that’s needed right now.

Great activities for these first few weeks

NEW: First Day Feelings: A circle time 'starter' for the first day back

NEW: How Am I Doing? A fun way to focus on wellbeing boosters!

Physical Distance-y Activities

Worries 101

Managing Emotions

Help whānau support the transition

If you'd like to provide whānau with some simple tips for supporting their children as they head back to school, this fun one-pager contains some simple ideas that can help. Share away!

Reflect on bubble life

Our fave friendly creature, Avon, had a fun chat with kids throughout Aotearoa about their bubble time! His questions are a perfect ‘starter’ for some creative reflection with your class.

  • What’s a bubble?
  • Who was in your bubble?
  • If you could have added any animal in the world to your bubble, which animal would you choose?
  • Who has had the best ideas to have fun in your bubble?
  • Did you have enough toilet paper?
  • Who’s been grumpy in your bubble?
  • What or who did you miss the most while in your bubble?

Certificates for whānau

Feel free to print and use these colourful certificates, as a cool way to commend whānau on their home-learning efforts!

Certificate: Kids to whanau pic

Looking after you

Check out our top tips for surviving, thriving and bringing your A-game!

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