All Right? has worked alongside health and educational experts to create Sparklers, a wellbeing toolkit full of activities to help young people be calmer and ready to learn.

Fun and easy to use, the more than 50 strength-based activities are suitable for Years 1 – 8 and aligned with the New Zealand curriculum. The activities vary in length from 10 minutes to a ‘happy hour’, and can be easily integrated into lesson plans.

The activities cover warm up activities and seven core wellbeing topics:

  • Balancing energy
  • Managing emotions
  • Using our senses
  • Noticing our world
  • Being ourselves
  • Feeling good
  • Showing kindness

Sparklers helps our tamariki to be their best and embrace the things that make them unique.

Curriculum and evidence-based

Sparklers is based on the holistic understanding of health and wellbeing described in Te Whare Tapa Whā. It’s designed to foster children’s physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing.

Activities are explicitly linked to the five Key Competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum. They are also based on Five Ways To Wellbeing – evidence-based actions that promote mental wellbeing for people of all ages, and directly support the Curriculum’s objectives for living and lifelong learning.

So far, the schools that have used Sparklers have rated the activities as extremely useful – some say they’ve absolutely helped lift student wellbeing and improved behaviour in the class.

Sparklers is for you too

Sparklers is built on the philosophy that all kids are awesome and do their best when they’re feeling good.

But Sparklers is also for teachers. How you’re doing really matters... you will be better able to support your students if your own tank is full. Research also shows that ‘teaching’ wellbeing to your tamariki, impacts positively on your own wellbeing - win, win!

Sparklers, with the help of Ian Vickers (NZ Teacher Wellbeing Champion) have compiled some ideas to help incorporate wellbeing into your teaching world too. Click here for Teacher Wellbeing Tips.