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Compliment Posters

Make fun, feel-good posters for your classroom.
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Learning outcomes

Tamariki understand the value of a kind word and practice giving and receiving compliments.

Tāngia ēnei tohutohu – Print me

Print an A3 poster for each tamariki... we have two to choose from:

The posters feature a beautiful frame to colour in, space for a photo or self-portrait, and lots of white space for compliments! You may like to ask students to bring a photo in ahead of time.

No printer? No problem! Simply grab a piece of paper, add a large border or frame, and wahoo – you're ready to roll!

Learning outcomes

Tamariki understand the value of a kind word and practice giving and receiving compliments.

He aha ai? – Why we love it

A kind word is free, easy to give and everybody has something to offer.

Research shows that kindness and giving evokes gratitude, makes us happier, strengthens our connections with others and is contagious!

This activity gives kids a self-esteem boost while remind them of how great it feels to be kind and compliment others.


Explain that today you’re going to explore giving compliments as a way of being kind through the things we say.

To generate ideas, ask:

  • What is a compliment? Saying nice things.
  • What sorts of things could we compliment? To help with the activity, list a mix of answers on the board (E.g. attitude, being good at something, being funny / friendly / kind, trying hard etc).
  • What's the difference between a 'deep' compliment and a 'surface' compliment? A surface compliment is something anyone could notice about the person (e.g. "You have nice hair."). A deep compliment is something you genuinely admire about the person, and could only notice if you knew them well (e.g. "I love in kapa haka that you have lots of energy and always give it your all.")
  • What does it take to give a deep compliment? Something that makes that person feel special and when you say it you're 'being real' or authentic.
  • How should we receive a kind compliment? Feel good! Say thank you!

Hei mahi - What to do

Explain that today you’re going to create compliment posters where students will get the chance to give and receive compliments from a wide range of people.

Provide each student with a printed A3 Compliment Poster and give them 15-30 minutes to colour in the frames, and glue in their photo or draw a self portrait. They may need a chance to finish this at home, or later on.

As they're doing this, write 3 – 4 compliment categories on the board such as:

  • Something they are good at.
  • Something you like about their personality.
  • Something that makes them fun, special and one-of-a-kind.

Explain that next up, students will get the chance to write compliments on each others’ posters – in pencil, around the edge of the frame.

They could add their name, or do it anonymously, writing the compliment only. Add a couple of examples on the board. E.g.

  • You’re an awesome sprinter! From Justin
  • I like your paintings. From Ariana
  • You’re great at making people smile.

Create a system for passing the posters around the room and moderate the compliments both during and after the exercise, ideally collecting the posters to check the comments are kind and positive.

Hand the posters back and give students time to read their messages, and discuss how the activity made them feel, before creating your Compliment wall.

When displayed in the classroom, these posters will remind tamariki to be kind and compliment others.

Share the love

Nothing delights us more than receiving photos of Sparklers in action! We'd absolutely love to see some images of your Compliment poster wall. If you'd like to make our DAY, please email these to [email protected].

What next?

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