“We’re LOVING the fab activities! Our tamariki are enjoying learning about their brain and how they have the power to change it. It really ties in with our growth mindset statements.”
- Christchurch teacher
“There is no one child who doesn’t benefit from Sparklers.”
- Tamara Bell, principal at Southbridge School
“I think it’s really important, with so many stressors that our children have to face, that if they have these little skills now, that we just build on every day, that they do have these skills that they can take with them throughout their lives.”
- Kelly Sheppard, teacher at Shirley Primary
“I love the simplicity of Sparklers. It’s all there; it tells you what to do and anyone can use it. The activities are really hands on – they’re not just things for the children to listen to, they’re things the children can actually do and enjoy.”
- Kerri Narbey, teacher at Kaiapoi Borough School
“We got really positive change initially, but what was really cool was that they started a revolution and encouraged us to look at alternative ways to help get them ready for learning.”
- Tamara Bell, principal at Southbridge School
“The activities feel nice and calm us down.”
- Year 5 student, Christchurch
“Made me feel AWESOME!”
- Chisnallwood student (feedback on the Compliment Poster activity)
“Our tamariki really enjoy the activities. They build cultural confidence and pride, while helping tamariki get into a great headspace for learning.”
- Bernice Swain, Teacher at Haeata Community Campus

Noticeboard for Updates

Here's what's new with Sparklers:

An Introduction to Sparklers

Learn more about the Creation of Sparklers here. Looking back to how Sparklers emerged provides context for this mahi, our mission, and our vision.

Hear more about how tamariki and kaiako from Shirley Primary School are using Sparklers.

Informing Sparklers

Sparklers activities have been developed by behavioural specialists and are informed by the best available research and clinical expertise.

Sparklers is grounded in the theories of:

Any additional research or specialist input drawn upon to create individual Sparklers activities are noted as part of the activity itself.

The initial research into theimpact of Sparklers was done by Ihi Research in 2020.

A previous, 2018, evaluation of Sparklers supporting the mental health of youth in Ōtautahiwas done by Huia Publishers.

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