“We’re LOVING the fab activities! Our tamariki are enjoying learning about their brain and how they have the power to change it. It really ties in with our growth mindset statements.”
- Christchurch teacher
“There is no one child who doesn’t benefit from Sparklers.”
- Tamara Bell, principal at Southbridge School
“I think it’s really important, with so many stressors that our children have to face, that if they have these little skills now, that we just build on every day, that they do have these skills that they can take with them throughout their lives.”
- Kelly Sheppard, teacher at Shirley Primary
“I love the simplicity of Sparklers. It’s all there; it tells you what to do and anyone can use it. The activities are really hands on – they’re not just things for the children to listen to, they’re things the children can actually do and enjoy.”
- Kerri Narbey, teacher at Kaiapoi Borough School
“We got really positive change initially, but what was really cool was that they started a revolution and encouraged us to look at alternative ways to help get them ready for learning.”
- Tamara Bell, principal at Southbridge School
“They felt nice and calmed us down.”
- Student, Christchurch

Where Sparklers came from

Sparklers was developed in response to requests from the education sector for tools to help them support and promote the wellbeing of young Cantabrians.

To read more about the demand and genesis of the project, and meet the team behind it, check out our Creation of Sparklers page.

An introduction to Sparklers

Check out this video to see how Shirley Primary School are using Sparklers...

Launching Sparklers (June 2017)

Sparklers was launched in June 2017 at Kaiapoi Borough School.

At the launch teacher Kerri Narbey's class, who start everyday with Sparklers, demonstrated three Sparklers activities.

"It’s an awesome way to get the children set up and ready for the day ahead,” says Kerri.“Overall the classroom is now a lot calmer and that allows more learning to happen."

Kerri even sees the benefits of Sparklers in the playground.

“When the kids get angry you can see a lightbulb going off and they start implementing things like deep breathing themselves. It might even be the reason we’re now seeing fewer physicals.”

Kerri says Sparklers has made teaching wellbeing a lot easier. “I love the simplicity of Sparklers. It’s all there; it tells you what to do and anyone can use it.

The activities are really hands on – they’re not just things for the children to listen to, they’re things the children can actually do and enjoy."


2018 Sparklers evaluation

An evaluation of Sparklers has found that it is easy to implement in the classroom and teachers and other professionals working in schools are overwhelmingly positive towards it.

According the the evaluation, Sparklers helps to:

  • Embed wellbeing: Interviews with school leaders found that Sparklers activities aligned with whole-school approaches to building wellbeing and creating culture change.
  • Build social and emotional literacy: All teachers interviewed spoke enthusiastically about the implementation of Sparklers with their students.

Evaluation conclusions

Overall, the availability of the Sparklers resource was highly valued.

Sparklers provides a common wellbeing language across students, teachers, school leaders and other professionals. Sparklers has normalised talking about and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing for the schools involved in the evaluation.

Read the full evaluation

Read a two page evaluation summary

Twenty new activities added (August 2018)

In August 2018 All Right? launched an extended Sparklers wellbeing toolkit.

Following requests from schools 20 new Sparklers activities were added, including ten activities specific to year 7 and 8 tamariki which focus on topics such as working together, building friendships and understanding and regulating big emotions.

The extended toolkit was launched at Breens Intermediate in Christchurch, who were involved on the development of the new Year 7 and 8 activities.

Breens Intermediate teacher Stephanie Pole said the school introduced Sparklers' activities as part of their Breens' Values and Wellbeing programme to assist students showing anxiety and low self-esteem.

“Since the beginning, there has been a noticeable change for many of our Breens' whānau. The fun activities help boost the confidence and happiness of the students, allowing them to engage in positive learning, behaviours and friendships both in the classroom and beyond."


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