Don't miss our top tips on using Sparklers, and looking after you! Check 'em out before getting started.

Post bubble resources

The 'one stop shop' for our teacher and whānau resources for helping tamariki during their first few weeks transitioning back to school.

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A bit about Sparklers

Sparklers helps our tamariki to be their best and embrace the things that make them unique.

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Why wellbeing matters

Wellbeing affects students’ engagement with learning, their social and emotional behaviour and their overall satisfaction with life at school.

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How to use Sparklers

We’ve designed Sparklers to be modular and flexible.

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Cool things you can share... for free!

Free tools for letting parents & whānau know about wellbeing, Sparklers and how they can support the (wonderful!) work you're doing in class.

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Happy classroom tips!

Having a calming space in your classroom promotes wellbeing and can play a key role in improving learning outcomes.

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Supporting tamariki with diagnoses

We’ve been asked to collate some tips for teachers so they can best support tamariki who have a “diagnosis”.

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The best-est books & vids for kids!

One great way to teach kids abut emotions and social skills is to read them books about that very thing! Here are our top picks!

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Sparklers in action

Sparklers has sparked a revolution in this rural Canterbury school.

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