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Tiakina e koe

Favourite tips from kaiako for thriving and bringing your A-game.

Wellbeing tips

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You could use them to create a wellbeing programme for your team. You might also like to check out: All Right at work.

Ngā mihi to Ian Vickers who provided most of these tips and is doing a fantastic job of championing teacher wellbeing in NZ.

“Organise a staff quiz. It doesn’t have to be academic, just fun!”
“Reward yourself for a job well done. Internal high fives and tiny treats are beneficial too.”
“Begin forgiving yourself quickly for the small mistakes – we’re all human.”
“Think about your own wellbeing and note 2 things to work on over the next 6 months – tiny steps!”
“Try a a digital detox challenge with your colleagues this weekend All Right? offers oodles of tips on their website.”
“Ask colleagues to fill in a quick survey about you and your work practice. Consider any changes you can make to improve.”
“Marvel at the season. Go outside every day this week and notice the colours, sounds and smells. There may be faint changes each day.”
“Find a quiet place to listen to any negative thinking and try to reframe these. Adopt this as your inner-voice mantra for the week.”
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