Looking after you

Tiakina e koe

Teaching's a busy job! Below are our favourite tips for surviving, thriving and bringing your A-game.

Wellbeing tips

Filter these ideas or use them to create a wellbeing programme for your team. You might also like to check out: All Right at work.

A huge shout out to Ian Vickers who provided most of these tips and is doing a fantastic job of championing teacher wellbeing in NZ.

“Exhalation promotes relaxation – stop regularly, breath in and focus on a long slow exhalation. Add sticky dots in strategic places to remember!”
“Try yoga or meditation – if going to a class doesn’t suit, there are plenty of apps and Youtube clips.”
“Have a neck or shoulder massage or facial this week.”
“Make an effort to walk through the school grounds and ask a colleague a question rather than send an email.”
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