Looking after you

Tiakina e koe

Favourite tips from kaiako for thriving and bringing your A-game.

Wellbeing tips

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You could use them to create a wellbeing programme for your team. You might also like to check out: All Right at work.

Ngā mihi to Ian Vickers who provided most of these tips and is doing a fantastic job of championing teacher wellbeing in NZ.

“Fill your workbag, top drawer and glove box with healthy snacks.”
“Plan your next holiday break and future breaks.”
“In the evening, clear work worries by writing them down and (physically) putting them aside for now.”
“Set the clock for 30 minutes and tackle one nagging task.”
“Plan a new display with your students – head to Sparklers Emotional Roller Coaster activity for one idea!”
“Give students some time to sort their bags, spaces or tote trays (or help with that messy area in the classroom).”
“Put in a request for the broken fittings and things in your classroom or around the school to be fixed.”
“Tidy your desk and get a plant or bring in some flowers to freshen it up.”
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