Boost Your Hauora

Cultivating a compassionate culture at work enables an environment where hauora and people can flourish.

Being at a kura where you feel like you can lean on those around you is what builds a sense of belonging and support.

We’re better together

Take an opportunity to bring mindfulness to life with your colleagues. That may look like sharing a Mindful Moment or creating space to build whakawhanaungatanga in hui. Below are some ideas to strengthen relationships in the workplace with everyday at kura.

Compliment Tīketi

Here's our Compliment Tiketī as a fun way to give praise and compliments to your colleagues – compliments can cause a ripple of positivity to spread throughout your team!

Illustration of Compliment Ticket

Whakawhanaungatanga ideas

Uplifting daily connection to others builds a healthy workplace is key to cultivating a compassionate culture and environment to flourish

  • Mindfulness is a way for you and your colleagues to have a chance to rest and recharge. Begin your hui and lessons with a Mindful Moment – it can take less than 5 minutes.
    You can press play on a Mindful Moment video or facilitate it yourself.
  • Get a wellbeing rōpū together to kōrero with your school board and SMT - discover how your policy, procedures and implicit ways your kura is uplifting hauora school-wide.
  • Utilise our worksheet Whole School Approach to Hauora to reflect on how you see the prioritisation of wellbeing e.g. what do your hui look like, what's in place to support everyday connection with colleagues, or how do staff meetings allow hauora to grow?
  • Join the Sparklers for Teachers Facebook group to have a forum for sharing what’s going on in kura and get inspiration from others.
  • Get input from the whole community. Organise a hui with whānau and share Sparklers at Home for your epic mahi you’re doing at kura to continue beyond the classroom.
  • Embed teaching as inquiry like Pakuranga College has done – read all about it on Education Hub!
  • Begin your hui and lessons with a Mindful Moment – it can take less than 5 minutes. You could even press play on a Mindful Moment video.
  • Deep dive into this subject with a PLG group.

Looking after you

Foster the hauora of your kaiako and team

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