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Cool free things for whānau

Free tools for letting parents and whānau know about wellbeing, Sparklers and how they can support the work you're doing in class.

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How to help kids keep calm

Experiencing frustration, disappointment, fear and jealousy is challenging, even as adults. This guide offers tips and advice for helping your tamariki understand and manage big emotions.

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How to help kids manage worries

Our tamariki mightn’t have to pay bills, cook dinners or organise carpools but just like us they face daily demands and worries, and what seems trivial to us can be important to them. So what can we do to help?

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How to help kids be grateful and kind

Being grateful and kind boosts the way we feel, and tends to make us more likeable human beings. So how can we help our tamariki learn these important skills?

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How to help kids feel good & have fun

Our tamariki need the basics – like food, warmth, shelter and clothing – but how can we foster their self-esteem and make them feel safe and loved? Here are our top tips.

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How to help your kids... sleep!

When our kids have sleep issues, it’s challenging… for everyone! So it's comforting to know that things can improve. Here are some tips that can help!

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Looking after yourself: For mums

As mums we often prioritise everything and everybody before ourselves. This guide's full of tips to help you recharge and remember you matter too!!

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Looking after yourself: For dads

Being a dad can be very cool. It can also be a bit confusing, frustrating, tiring, etc! So how can us dads look after ourselves? Here are some practical thoughts on the matter...

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Helping you & the crew in your blended family

Being part of a "modern family" can be tricky but hang in there, steppies! Here are our tricks for sorting routines, building connections, and creating your own traditions.

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Helping your kids with diagnoses & differences

Having a child with a diagnoses or big emotions can be challenging for you — and your child. This guide offers some handy tips and things to try, based on the most up-to-date research.

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How to talk your teen out of bad decisions

Tattoos, sex, drugs, alcohol... here are our top tips for building trust, encouraging conversation and empowering your teen to make smart choices around "the big stuff".

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How to get teens to listen, talk & stay grounded

We want our teens to develop a certain amount of independence, but how can we foster this while also encouraging them to talk, listen & be at their best? Check out our fave ideas.

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How to help tweens & teens navigate social media

Internet use can be a real concern for us parents. Here we tackle how to teach your kids to stay safe and make good choices without having to 'go into battle'! May the force be with you!

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How to get it right when kids come out or identify as another gender

Supporting our kids to be who they truly are can make a huge difference to their wellbeing. Here are our top tips for staying their greatest source of support.

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