Hikitia te Hā

Why we love Hikitia te Hā

Focusing on our breathing is a very helpful and basic practice for becoming more mindful. Combining it with some simple actions makes it even better.

What to do

We recommend running through the sequence with your kids without too much ‘explanation’. There may be lots of giggles to begin with, but generally everyone will join in and then, surprisingly, you will all complete Hikitia te Hā calmer (than when you began!).

Here is the video to make a start!

Ways to use Hikitia te Hā everyday

You can run through the Hikitia te hā sequence any time, and then carry on with more of our versions:

Hikitia te hā: Taiaha

Hikitia te hā: Tai chi

Hikitia te hā: Traditional