Why we love Favourite Spaces

Taking notice of our surroundings and how they make us feel builds mindfulness and can really boost the way we feel. And it's important that we all have a place we can retreat to that's cozy - a favourite space.

What to do

Have a light chat with your kids about:

  • Which spaces in the house or garden they like to spend time in?
  • What makes it a great place to be?
  • How do they feel when they spend time in that place?
  • How can we care for this favourite space in order that it stays cozy?

You might each draw your favourite space, or each other in these favourite places.

Or write a poem beginning with:

  • In my favourite place, I find...

Let your children know where your favourite space is too.

Ways to use Favourite Spaces everyday

Easy! Encourage your children to spend time in their favourite spaces whenever they need to, and to find other spaces that make them feel safe, happy and calm too. Set these up with some calm things to do too - books, colouring, puzzles and perhaps some Sensory Kete items.