Why we love Mandala Colouring

When we are fully immersed in an activity and lose track of time, we call this ‘flow’ (also known as being ‘in the zone’). Flow is highly correlated with happiness because it helps us stay present (mindful). People who experience this state regularly often develop other positive traits such as increased concentration and self-esteem.

However - in order for a flow state to occur, the activity should be voluntary, enjoyable and absorbing but not too challenging! That means we can't force our kids to mandala colour, they need to want to! Hehe!

What to do

Some kids (and adults!) may need to engage in physical activity before being able to relax and get ‘in the zone’. A quick run around on the lawn should do the trick!

If you have a printer, print a small selection of mandala or they may choose one.

– Simple patterns: mandala one, two and three
– Fun animal mandala by Suzi & Binx: mandala four and five.

If you don't have a printer, get the pens, crayons or pencils out and show your kids the old 'scribble' on a page trick and colour-in the spaces that have been created. Or you may have some colouring books of your own. Sometimes it works to take the pages out of the book to make things easier AND so they appear 'fresh' and new!

Let the kids know that you're all going to give this a try but there's no need to be perfect in it, or finish it today.

Encourage any of your children who find this difficult, but they may want to do some quiet reading or drawing instead.

It's recommended that we all have 15 to 30 minutes of flow-based activity a day.

When you're nearing this time, ask your kids how they're feeling. Ask if they could:

  • Use colouring (or a similar activity) to calm down?
  • Or when they might do this type of activity?

We recommend students get 15 to 30 minutes of flow-based activity a day.

Ways to use Mandala Colouring or a Flow State everyday

Explain that when we do our favourite activities and lose track of time, this is called flow and it’s really good for us! A brain holiday that helps us relax. Often we move into a flow state with hobbies we enjoy - children might recognise this in activities they do that:

  • They like doing in their spare time?
  • 'Lose themselves’ in?
  • Would choose to do if they had a day off.

Get them to write a list of things they could do, or could try in order to relax.

Bear in mind - TV, gaming and shopping won't really count because they're too fast moving.

Oh and don't forget

Nothing is more rewarding for us than seeing Sparklers in action – and we'd absolutely love to check out your students' Mandala Colouring. If you get a chance, post them on our Sparklers at Home facebook or instagram pages.