Why we love Sensory Poetry

Thinking about our senses helps develop our mindfulness skills – namely taking notice and being in the moment. This in turns gives our wellbeing a boost!

What to do

You could use Juicy, Crispy, Crunch to begin this activity, or head outside and just be still for a bit. If your kids are asking questions about what you're up to, you might say that it's time to notice things, and that's all there is to do!

When you're all done, grab a pen and paper and jot down what you remember.

Try to do some free writing (no rules) using all your notes. If the kids need a story starter try one of these:

  • The first piece begins with, I see…
  • The second piece begins with, I hear…
  • The third piece begins with, I am feeling…

Next try condensing part of your story to a poem using another starter from above.

We would love to see these poems! Post them to our Sparklers at Home facebook or instagram page!