Why teachers love Sparklers

Sparklers is backed by both science, NZ research and wellbeing specialists. Most importantly, it's super easy for anyone to pick up and try - that's part of the reason teachers love it.

Sparklers is all about helping kids to:

  • learn to understand and manage their emotions,
  • build their self-esteem,
  • make (and be!) good friends,
  • and long-term, understand all about their wellbeing. Oh, that's another reason teachers love it!

Using Sparklers at Home

Sparklers is really simple. Here's our best tips to Sparklers success!

  • Honestly, just give it a go and see!
  • Start with an activity that appeals to you, or one your teacher has recommended.
  • End the activity on a high note (sometimes literally)!
  • Be prepared to be 'in this together' with your child – sometimes it's uncomfortable to try new things, but hey, you're a great role-model because here you are!