Whakawhetai (Gratitude) O-Clock

Why we love Whakawhetai (Gratitude) O'Clock

Interestingly (and amazingly), gratitude is linked to overall happiness. Research shows that regularly writing down what we're thankful for:

  • evokes positive feelings and emotions
  • reminds us of all the things and people who contribute to our lives
  • helps build appreciation, empathy and kindness.

But we don’t come by an ‘attitude of gratitude’ naturally! We need to learn and practice – and that's what this activity is all about!

What to do

Print off the Whakawhetai Journal here, or better still follow our video to create your own.

Ways to use Gratitude O'Clock everyday

  • Make Gratitude O'Clock a special time where you all think about something you're grateful for - mealtimes or bedtime can be a great place to do this. Jotting this down gives a wellbeing boost too.
  • You could encourage your tamariki to create and send thank you cards for the people that they are feeling grateful for. Or leave chalk thank you messages for your nearby friends and neighbours to find.