Chitter Chatter

Kōrero that matters

The research is clear - if children can talk about their emotions they're better able to manage the biggies that come along.

Chitter Chatter is a fun game that helps kids aged 5+ learn all about emotions and how to manage them – while also helping build social skills and empathy. It's the perfect game for the whole whānau!

Buy a pack today for $15 or make your own using the instructions below.

Make a DIY Chitter Chatter and join the cool crew talking about emotions

Emotions can be tricky! The more we learn about our feelings and how to manage them, the better we’re able to cope with what life throws at us.If you haven’t got a Chitter Chatter pack don’t’ worry – here’s another way to play – make your own DIY Chitter Chatter dice!

What to do

Have a good look at this wee sheet and copy it as best you can. One idea might be to cut a small triangle out using cardboard, and use this to trace around each time – this way you know they’re all the same size. But it doesn’t have to be perfect – if all DIY Chitter Chatters looked the same it would be boring! Next add the numbers, press in the folds and tape it up so that it’s pyramiddy!

So the deal is that each number is an emotion – here’s the run down:

1 – Calm - Tau

2 – Optimistic - Whakapono

3 – Grateful - Waimarie

4 – Amazed - Mīharo

5 – Disgusted - Kawa

6 – Disappointed - Pāpouri

7- Frustrated - Hōhā

8 – Worried – Āwangawanga

But there are sooooo many emotions to choose from – mix them up with some of our (or your!) faves: Embarrassed – Whākama, Sad – Pōuri, Happy – Hari, Excited – Hiamo, Overwhelmed – PokeaNow you may be wondering why we say ‘faves’ about some of these emotions – some of them feel totally yuck – like whākama and pōuri. We’re big fans of all emotions because they’re all totally normal, we’ve just got to learn some ways to manage them best. Even when they feel yuck! And one of the best ways to do this is to recognise the emotion, and be able to talk about it. That’s what Chitter Chatter is ALL about – Chitter Chatter = Kōrero that matters!

Now the fun bit… throw your DIY Chitter Chatter dice

Then choose ask any of the following questions – you choose – it doesn’t matter at all!

  • Which tae (colours) feel like a good fit with this emotion?
  • Emotions can help us take action. How could you use this emotion in a positive way?
  • Work together to create a ‘word-at-a-time’ story saying this emotion at least three times.
  • Act out this emotion in sloooooow motion…
  • Which three kararehe (animals) would you cast in a movie about this emotion?
  • Try to say this emotion 15 times, fast, without laughing
  • You visit planet same-same and feel only this emotion. What’s it like?
  • If the huarere (weather) matched this emotion, describe the conditions…
  • Slowly build from a blank face up to this emotion and back again
  • If someone in your whānau was feeling this emotion, how would you act around them?
  • How would you describe this emotion to a tiny, confused alien?

Ways to use Chitter Chatter everyday

We know that people are using Chitter Chatter in heaps of different ways! Here’s some of the ideas we’ve heard about:

  • Talk through how you might manage this emotion when it’s super big – calm down strategies might include:
    • Tummy breathing
    • Star jumps and fast feet
    • Melting emotions – tense up, then physically pretend to ‘melt’ back to their bodies feeling calm.
    • Drawing / colouring
    • Reading a book
    • Hikitea te hā
    • Sensory kete (or sensory something!)
    • Another super calming option that you just know to do…