Give a Bunch of Kindness

Why we love to Give a Bunch of Kindness

One of the best things we can do for our wellbeing is to be kind or give to others (our time, actions and words). So it's important that we encourage kindness, giving and expressing gratitude.

As well as strengthening our connections with others, research shows that extending kindness makes us happier. And it’s contagious!

What to do

Perhaps kōrero with your child about why kindness is good for us (see above!) - we reckon the earlier we know this about ourselves, the more we understand why it's super important throughout our lives.

From there, you might enquire:

  • Who's someone that we care about and could do with a bunch of kindness coming their way?
  • What sorts of things do they do that we appreciate? Even the little things or things than can go un-noticed.
  • What about us? What do we do that's kind? The little things that might go un-noticed but helps someone or it's special in some way.

What you'll need

  • scissors
  • plain white paper, coloured paper or magazine paper
  • a pen or pencil to draw the flowers
  • some colouring pencil, crayons or markers to colour the flowers
  • a bit of tape
  • a bit of glue

Either print or copy these two sheets - the lined one is the flower stems (so you may want this in green, but it really, really doesn't matter.) If you're copying these out, then the general size of each item would be great, but again imperfections are super cool - just as they are in nature!

What other kind things can you do?

Keep going with doing kind things

  • Give compliments and praise
  • Notice when others are kind and let them know you've noticed
  • Cook or bake a batch more and take them around to a family member or friend
  • Offer to do a job - wash the car, vacuum, mow the lawn
  • Pick up rubbish at the beach or park