Why we love Musical Emotions

Music, mood and identity often go hand in hand, whether we’re playing an instrument, performing a waiata, hearing lyrics we can relate to or simply enjoying our favourite songs, genres and artists.

What to do

Younger kids
Might enjoy listening and singing along with:

Older kids

  • Might choose a song they like and create a poster that features some of the lyrics. Ask them to include words and pictures showing how they feel when they hear this song.
  • Another option, for those who love music, is to choose an emotion and write a song or rap about it. Their mission is to evoke that emotion through music.

Ways to use Musical Emotions everyday

Play background music to help the mood of your family, especially when it's an inside day.
Join the tiktok / social media challenge and create a family dance - allow the kids to take the lead!

Do a bit of research around the music your grandparents, great-grandparents or great-great-grandparents(!) would have been listening to, playing or singing. How does this make you feel?