Matariki Whetū (star) Bunting

Why do we love Matariki whetū bunting?

Matariki is a cluster of stars and signals te mātahi o te tau (the new year) in line with the maramataka (lunar calendar). To learn more about Matariki (and we recommend you do!), head here.

Matariki whetū bunting is a way to welcome Matariki and te mātahi o te tau (the new year) as a whānau. Making the Matariki whetū (stars) as part of this activity will also reveal seven to nine special whānau adventures to acknowledge each star’s importance, as a whānau, during matariki.

What to do

Print or copy these templates and make your Matariki whetū bunting following the video guide below.

Make time as a whānau over Matatiki to complete each of the Matariki whānau adventures together.

Ways to use Matariki Star Bunting everyday

  • Hang your Matariki Star Bunting at home year round as a way to remember this special time for Aotearoa.
  • Revisit your Matariki whānau adventures any time - especially those that felt good as a whānau and reflected your values.
  • Make a manu tukutuku (kite) to celebrate Matariki and bring in mātahi o te tau (the new year).
  • Learn more about Matariki together - we love this colouring book from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa and Matariki Storytime with Whaea Rochelle from the Christchurch City Libraries.
  • Look up local events, there is always something going on - Matariki walks, celebrations and festivals - be part of them.
  • Head out in the dark to view the stars of Matariki, following the best times to do this in line with marama (the dates are included here).