Learn your Pepeha!

Why we love My Pepeha

Some of the things that make us who we are, is our history, culture and whakapapa. These are also things that as we talk about and learn about, give us a real sense of meaning and connection.

A pepeha is an introduction of ourselves in te reo Māori and incorporates our ancestry and history.

What to do

If you have a printer, you can use our My Pepeha worksheet, otherwise write out the details - you'll be far more creative!

Complete the details together, where necessary asking for help from other family members or doing a bit of research. This can be such a rich and exciting kōrero for everyone!

Learn and present them - video them and send them off to whānau. That will keep the kōrero going!

Here's Aaron from Sparklers to talk you through pepeha and why Waitangi is a good time to learn:

We also love:

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