Fill my Whare Tapa Whā... more!

Why we love Fill My Whare Tapa Whā... more!

This activity explores all aspects of our health and wellbeing using Te Whare Tapa Whā and gives tamariki a list of things they can actively do to help boost their hauora and wellbeing.

What to do

You may like to print this worksheet but better still, watch our designer Molly talk you through how to create your own super personalised version:

In the video the ideas Molly suggests as ways to strengthen our hauora pou are:

Taha Tinana

  • Drink some water
  • Take a play time break after an hour of screen time
  • Make your snacks and lunch for the day like you’re at school
  • Run around the whare twice
  • Head off for a walk around your neighborhood with whānau
  • Play with a ball on the lawn
  • Put on some music and kanikani

Taha Wairua

  • Spend time outside - feel the sun, rain or wind on you.
  • Practise Cosmic yoga, Tummy Breathing or Hikitia te Hā
  • Stop to notice three small things out your window
  • Lie on the lawn and look at the sky
  • Write down some values that are important to you
  • Write a card, letter or email to someone who’s made a positive difference for you. Tell them why.

Taha Hinengaro

  • Set up a routine - home-learning, play, sleep
  • Sing a waiata
  • Do some art or craft - painting, drawing, colouring
  • Spend some quiet time in your favourite space.
  • Breathe! Take 10 deep tummy breaths
  • Think about how you’re feeling and kōrero about it with someone

Taha Whānau

  • Include your whānau in your home-learning - they might know some stuff!
  • Make time to connect with your friends
  • Give someone in your bubble a compliment
  • Have a hug - awhi it up!
  • Help someone with a chore
  • Kōrero with someone in your whānau about your whakapapa
  • Make someone a kapūti (cup of tea) or a drink


  • Sit under your favourite rakau in your garden
  • Lie on your lawn to relax
  • Look after a plant that needs some aroha
  • Share a compliment or kind words with a plant
  • Play outside barefoot
  • Sit quietly and listen to the nature around you
  • Check in on the plants in your garden, pull weeds near them or give them water

Or you might have your own and much better ideas!

And some emotions that might come in handy dandy are:

Happy/Harikoa, CalmTau, Energised, Excited/hiamo, Inspired, Proud, Grateful/Whakawhetai, Relaxed, Loved, Disappointed/pāpouri, Frustrated/hōhā, Amused, Hōhā, Confused, Bored, Playful, Proud, Peaceful, Accepted, Optimistic/ whakapono, Trusting, Critical, Distant, Indifferent, Inspired, Hopeful, Thankful, Curious, Cheeky, Sleepy, Amazed/Mīharo