Nau mai tauti mai ki Te Wiki o te Reo Māori!

We've begun collating some of our favourite rauemi Reo Māori - te Reo Māori resources, for your kāinga (home) or kura (school).

  • Ōrongo, is a new series of guided mindfulness tracks which use te Reo and traditional Māori instruments. Honestly, the first of the series Tāwhiri is so beautiful and calming - whether you know all the te reo or none, it will work it's relaxing magic. Keep an eye on the facebook page for the release of new tracks in their series.
  • Mahuru Māori- check out the awesome resources, including cards to help with the everyday. We love the before breakfast Reo - He aha māu ki roto i ō hanawiti? (what would you like in your sandwiches?). So thoughtful and helpful!
  • A Māori Phrase a Day - this s a great way to keep your Reo fresh and new while learning. Great for tamariki learning or a bit of a mini challenge over two weeks. That should start the good habits rolling!
  • Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori - always a great source and guide, and a fab facebook page too. Keeping in touch with sites and events like this will always inspire us to use and learn more te Reo. This team do such a great job.
  • Kupu - head to the app store, download and explore EVERYTHING by pointing your device at objects and boom! it gives you the name in te Reo! Such stunning mahi, we are in awe!

It's clear people are doing some amazing mahi in this space - if you have any you'd like us to share, please get in touch. We'll keep this page fresh with new ideas regularly.