Why we love What's in a Name

Our names are really important. They’ve been chosen especially for us and can have important meanings, be passed down from significant relatives or ancestors or be brand new to our aiga (whānau).

Sometimes we even choose to change our names and we go through the same process of looking at options and making sure we choose something that ‘fits’.

Whatever the case, your name has an important story.

What to do

Using this What’s in a name (igoa)? worksheet either to print or as a guide to copy, support your child to interview someone from your aiga (family) or someone who knows about their name, in order to capture the ‘story’ behind it. This person may be you!

Now you child can recreate the story of their name by creating a:

  • Film strip - copy this guide to recreate
  • OR a poster which may include pictures of them, your family, some favourite things, and anything they enjoy doing around the edge.

You may also like to:

  • Google your names and see if someone else shares it.
  • Begin a family tree or biography.