Rising Tide

Why we love Rising Tide

Rising Tide is a really special book as it works at multiple levels to demonstrate that 'what we think about ourselves' isn't always the truth.

The book helps tamariki challenge their thinking by demonstrating how our thoughts impact our feelings, which in turn impacts our behaviour. For instance if you think you're not very smart, and don't feel that great about an upcoming test, a likely outcome is that you don't bother studying. Understanding this can help us to change this cycle.

What to do

You can choose:

You can then follow some of the activities created by the creators of the book here.

Or follow your own journey, taking the lead from your tamariki, and exploring their questions and what they noticed in the story.

If you're in Christchurch Ōtautahi check out the Rising Tide Street art on the corner of Manchester & Gloucester Streets, Central City

Ways to Use Rising Tide everyday

Kōrero around friendships and extend this using Being a

Allow your tamariki to Discover Their Strengths, and yours too!