Why we love Juicy, Crispy, Crunch

This is a super easy introduction to mindfulness. Mindfulness is a chance to stop and take a lot of notice of what's happening in the moment. Science tells us that this is good way to boost our wellbeing. Oh, and another bonus of Juicy, Crispy Crunch is it also encourages kids to slow down at meal times. making what may be mundane activities (like eating) more enjoyable and relaxing.

What to do

While prepping your next snack or meal time, have a chat about 'senses' -

  • What are they?
  • What do they help us do?
  • Which senses do we notice most? Sight and hearing.
  • So which do we often forget about? Smell, touch and taste.
  • What senses can we use when we’re eating? All of them!

Tell them you're going to be giving this a try.

Chop up some of the food you have in the fruit bowl or fridge - fruit, crackers and then as you eat them you're all going to have a go at using each sense:

  • what do you see
  • what do you feel
  • what do you smell
  • what do you taste
  • what do you hear

Hopefully it'll be a bit funny and a bit interesting and they'll notice things they haven't before. All of this is great!

Mindfulness helps us slow down, manage our emotions and enjoy the moment.

How to use Juicy, Crispy, Crunch everyday

  • Repeat this activity at some point, but with their eyes closed!
  • Repeat this the next morning for another 'mundane' activity, like when they brush their teeth.
  • Extend this by taking these sensory ideas outside to the lawn - what can they hear, feel, smell during this time?