Why we love Magic Minute

We love mindful breathing because it draws our attention to the present, calming both the body and mind. It can even help us to turn anxiety and anger into feelings of relaxation and focus.

What to do

We reckon it might be good to introduce this to your kids as an 'experiment!' The objective is to see how many breaths their body likes to take in a minute.

  • Ask them to find a relaxing place and position, and close their eyes.
  • Quietly remind them that our breathing has the power to change the way we feel.
  • Let them know that you’re about to time the minute, and that you’d like them to count how many breaths they do. Reassure them that there’s no right or wrong number; it’s just about what feels 'normal'.
  • Let them know when to start counting, then when the minute is up ask them to remember their number and open their eyes - they may not want to sit up just yet.

You may like to repeat the experiment in a seated position, again with eyes closed.

Ways to have a Magic Minute everyday

  • Repeat if it goes down okay, at some other point - you might make this a daily practice.
  • Give yoga a try - we love Cosmic Yoga and M3 Yoga