Stop, Look, and Listen

As a kaiako, you role model what you teach. That means looking after your hauora. Just like how you encourage tamariki to pay attention to Te Whare Tapa Whā.

Hauora is about feeling good, functioning well, and relating well with others.

Ask yourself 'What works for you?' and DO more of it. You are the expert when it comes to you, your needs, and filling your cup with the things you love.

Finding supportive practices and activities for your hauora powerfully role-models emotional intelligence.

These soft skills of self-care, self-talk, and compassion are implicitly caught by tamariki.

Your Hauora Journal -one for you and one for your team

Here's a real gem, the wellbeing workbooks! If you haven't found them before: a team wellbeing reflection, also a goodie for staff meetings, and a wellbeing journal just for your reflections and learning.

A little bit of wellbeing everyday supports you to continue being awesome!

Five Ways, Everyday

Sparklers is based on Five Ways to Wellbeing; five key actions which, when done regularly, are scientifically proven to lift your hauora.

Connect, me whakawhanaunga

Participate in social events, in-person or virtually, and carve out time to kōrero with your friends, whānau, and the people around you.

Investing in our relationships builds a sense of belonging and connectedness. Even better if there's kai around when you spend time with those you love.

Be active, me kori tonu:
Go outside to move your body, have a little boogie, play games, or go for a hīkoi in nature.

Our brain and mind love it when we get the blood pumping around our body. Doing physical activity you enjoy will move your mood.

Take notice, me aro tonu:

Enjoy the moment, notice the beauty of the world around you, and cultivate mindfulness.

For example, listen to the physical sensations of your body that signals how you are or simply savour the moment.

Learn, me ako tonu:

Be curious and seek out new experiences. Solve puzzles, read for fun, make art or music - this is exercising your brain.

There are so many new things to try or you can rediscover an interest or hobby.

Give, tukua:

Practice kindness; give your time, words, and actions. A catch up over morning tea with your colleague to check-in.

We all experience the sense of appreciation and connection that comes from giving. It's a feeling that arises within us when our gift is received by another.

Building these actions into your everyday life can improve your hauora and boost your resilience. You're probably already doing wonderful things for yourself.

To learn more about Five Ways to Wellbeing, check out this simple guide from The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

Te Whare Tapa Whā hauora reflection

Carve out space to slow down and check-in on yourself. This builds self-awareness which is your best wellbeing tool.

These handy Te Whare Tapa Whā or Fonofale worksheets provide you a scaffold to self-knowledge and reflection time on what helps you feel ka pai.

It's also a goodie to use as an example resource for tamariki when facilitating this as a class activity.


Fiona Humphries tells kaiako that “mahi is like a beast – if you feed it, it will keep growing”. Kaiako can learn to say "taihoa" and pay attention to the strategies and tools that are hauora boosting for them.

A few things Fiona suggests noticing:

  • Listening to the physical sensations of your body signals to check in with how you are and when you need rest.
  • Boundaries with emails (setting specific focus times) and your time.
  • Time spent thinking about mahi. Have physical or digital notes for thoughts you can revisit (or not) later. Get it out of your head.
  • Are you working smarter or harder? E.g. how can you lean into student-led initiatives (think classroom décor to showcase mahi of tamariki)?
  • Quality of sleep and where you can commit to improving your sleep hygiene.

Press the pause button and take a breather with these Mindful Moments.

Looking after you

Foster the hauora of your kaiako and team

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