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My Pepeha

Celebrating our identity, whānau and where we come from.
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Print me!

Students will need a copy of our My pepeha worksheet.

Why we love it

Being proud of our whānau, history and culture is validating and can deepen our sense of belonging, confidence and connectedness.

This activity – from our Whānau resource – teaches students how to introduce themselves in te reo Māori.

What to do

Introduce the activity by revisiting the benefits of taking pride in who we are.

There is no-one in the world who is quite like us – and we each have different strengths we can discover, develop and share.

One of the things that makes us unique is our history, culture and whakapapa, and we can all take pride in these things, no matter where we are from.

Explain that today they’re going to learn how to introduce themselves in te reo Māori. Reinforce that no matter what culture they are from this is something they can have fun with. It is a chance to celebrate their family, learn some te reo Māori and think about the places, people and things they love most.

Print and give each student a copy of our My pepeha worksheet. You could ask them to complete what they can in class then take the sheet home to finish with their whānau, at night.

Create a follow up time for them to read their pepeha to the person beside them or the class, and/or to share some of their answers.

What next?

We love Pepeha where you and your tamariki can print your peheha (there is a great free option) and they look stunning!

More you can do with your students -

With younger tamariki

Ask students to draw a picture of something they like about their whānau. This might be a favourite tradition, skill, waiata, meal, holiday, custom, memory etc.

With older tamariki

Use the same extension as for younger tamariki, but ask students to write a short story or presentation.

Self-esteem often comes from belonging and wairua, so create a time for students to share what is important to them.

And more!

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