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Whānau Posters

Kōrero with a loved-one and create a poster about them.
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Students will need a copy of our Whānau poster worksheet.

Why we love it

This activity – from our Whānau resource – can help children connect with a loved one in a new and meaningful way.

Learning new stories about the people we’re closest to can strengthen our relationships, fosters curiosity and can deepen our sense of who we are, and where we’ve come from.


There is no-one in the world who is quite like us – and we each have different strengths we can discover, develop and share. Introduce this activity by revisiting the benefits of taking pride in who we are.

One of the things that makes us unique and one-of-a-kind is our whānau and our relationships with the people we’re closest to.

Explain that for this activity, we’re going to have fun with one way to get to know people better… by asking questions!

What to do

Hand out our Whānau poster worksheet, and say that if possible, you’d like them to have this kōrero with the oldest person in their whānau or someone who is special to you.

They’ll need to ask the person these questions, note their answers, then use them to create a memory poster about the person, on a new sheet of paper.

To do this, they could use photos, words and drawings.

Set a time for tamariki to have their posters completed by (we’d suggest a week) then give them the opportunity to share them with the class, if they'd like!

You may also like to find a spot in your room to put them on display.

What next?

Complete our My pepeha activity or try some Mandala colouring.

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