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Favourites in the Natural World

This activity takes inspiration from the ordinary, yet extraordinary things in our natural world, as a mindfulness technique.
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Learning outcomes

Tamariki take part in a relaxation experience in the outdoors, learning how to take notice of the natural world.

He aha ai? – Why we love it

Te taiao is often the cause of some really positive emotions; such as feeling awe and wonderment. Follow what feels good and spend more time in places that uplift your hauora.

This activity is designed to teach tamariki to take notice of the beauty in nature. Sitting outside is a way to whakawhanaungatanga with Papatūānuku.

Hei mahi - What to do

You could try this via zoom or Google Meets time as long as tamariki stick close to the WIFI! Or could upload to Seesaw as a recording.

Let tamariki know that you’re all going to head outside and look for some ordinary things that exist in our natural world. Ask them to look for the extra-ordinary in this ordinary though! There’s no need to explain this too much, they will enjoy whatever they like!

Ask them to sit down – perhaps under a tree, and try this very quick mindfulness activity using your gentlest voice, ask that in their heads they can:

  • Notice 5 natural things you can see
  • Notice 4 different colours in these things
  • Notice 3 different textures – e.g rugged bark, pointed grass (you might now want to ask tamariki to close their eyes – it can help!)
  • Notice 2 things you can smell
  • Notice 1 favourite thing from any part of today

Ask them to just stay still for a moment longer, then slowly open their eyes – check in with how they’re feeling (they could record their answer). No change is absolutely fine!

What next?

Kōrero about this and use these observations to create a poem, short story or song. All of these forms of writing require a lot of ‘noticing.’

Revisit this activity as regularly as every day and check in with what tamariki notice in the natural world. Keep a diary and use this for reflection and inspiration any time you need!

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And if you're keen to spend more time outdoors, we love Department of Conservations Outdoor Classroom ideas - they are super!

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Ngā mihi nui

This activity was inspired by the song Favourites in our Natural World, by Mr Roberelli.

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