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Favourites in the Natural World

This activity uses music as an inspiration for taking notice of the ordinary, yet extraordinary things in our natural world.
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Why we love it

Music has many surprising benefits for our overall wellbeing. Obviously many of us enjoy music – we recognise it can help us relax, and boost our mood and energy. But the science also tells us that music can help reduce stress, improve our memory and our ability to concentrate.

We love Mr Roberelli – NZ music that gives way to singing about ANYTHING, and validating all the things children think and feel. Favourites in the Natural World is a song which reminded us of the quiet bubble moments, and may help tamariki reflect on the these as we transition from this time.

What to do

Ask tamariki to listen to Mr Roberelli’s Favourites in the Natural World and ask what the theme of the song might be.

The interesting thing about the song is that it points to quite ‘normal’ and ordinary things we might see outside.

It might also be good to kōrero about why is it ‘great to have favourites in the natural world?’

Let tamariki know that you’re all going to head outside and look for some ordinary things that exist in our natural world. Ask them to look for the extra-ordinary in this ordinary though! There’s no need to explain this too much, they will enjoy whatever they like!

While outside, gather tamariki together and ask them to sit down – perhaps under a tree, and try this very quick mindfulness activity using your gentlest voice, ask that in their heads they can:

  • Notice 5 natural things you can see
  • Notice 4 different colours in these things
  • Notice 3 different textures – e.g rugged bark, pointed grass (you might now want to ask tamariki to close their eyes – it can help!)
  • Notice 2 things you can smell
  • Notice 1 favourite thing from any part of today

Ask them to just stay still for a moment longer, then slowly open their eyes – check in with how they’re feeling. No change is absolutely fine!

What next?

Kōrero about your bubble time being a time when you noticed lots of the natural environment in this way. Ask if any tamariki had similar experiences.

Kōrero about this and use these observations to create a bubble poem, short story or song. All of these forms of writing require a lot of ‘noticing.’

Revisit this activity as regularly as every day and check in with what tamariki notice in the natural world. Keep a diary and use this for reflection and inspiration any time you need!

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