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Getting into the habit...

Sometimes we fall into habits, and sometimes we have to spend some time creating them. Here's how...
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Learning outcomes

Tamariki understand the role habits can play in our overall wellbeing and in achieving our goals.

He aha ai? – Why we love it

Forming a habit can help something that initially takes effort, become easier. At first we have to think about it, but before long, we start doing it without thinking. It becomes automatic.

We can form habits to help us achieve goals, and also to connect with people in happy, positive ways.

Hei mahi - What to do

Kōrero about what makes a good habit.

From our research we understand it’s useful to:

  • Focus on one habit at a time
  • Go specific, small and manageable, e.g. if you want to...
    • be friendly - your habit could be to say warm hellos and goodbyes.
    • be active - spend your lunchtime outside instead of inside
    • spread kindness, you could say a compliment or kind word every day.
  • Opt for something positive... e.g. choose something you want to do rather than something you want to do. The options above are examples of this.

You might be focussing on something specific with your tamariki and we've created some worksheets to help with creating good habits around:

These could help prompt any kōrero around habits too.

From your kōrero, give tamariki time to come up with a good habit, then ask them to share it with a buddy and check it's: easy, specific and something they want to do (and not stop doing).

Once they're happy, give them a Habit Sticker, ask them to write in their habit, then stick this somewhere they'll see it often, e.g. on the front of an exercise book or on their device, so it acts as a reminder.

Encourage them to add a tick each time they complete their habit.

Keep checking in – perhaps daily a day for the week – and praise their efforts. New habits can be developed at anytime of the year (or our lives)!

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