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An energising game that’s all about working as a team.
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Why we love it

Moving our body, can move our mood. Even a brief burst of activity increases the flow of blood (oxygen and glucose) to the brain, boosting alertness and focus.

This game encourages the class to work together and spur each other on through a rather ridiculous (but very fun!) activity that boosts connection and a sense of belonging.

Tikanga tips

Just in case, it might be wise to let your tamariki know to avoid touching other people's heads while playing this game. It doesn’t happen a lot, but it is possible and it’s important tamariki know the head is tapu.

What to do

For this game, you will need 1-2 standard hula hoops per group of 6 – 10 students.

  • Clear a space in your room, or head outside.
  • Let tamariki know this is a race between teams.
  • Break the class into teams of around six to ten tamariki. Ask them to make a circle, holding hands.
  • Place a hoop into the circle, so they are hanging over the arm of two players.
  • Without breaking hands each person in the circle must pass through the hoop – so each student steps through it.
  • The team that returns to the hoop to its original starting point first, wins.

Extension ideas

Join the teams!

Join your smaller teams together to form one big circle, and place two or more hoops on their arms at different places in the circle.

Ensure the hoops are heading the same direction around the circle.

The game ends when all hoops have returned to their original positions (use different coloured hoops!).

Race the clock!

If you like the thought of regularly repeating this game, grab a timer and record how long the group takes to finish each time. This will create positive competition and a group goal to beat their previous time.

Add more hoops!

Add hoops at other points of the circle, for example north, east, south and west.

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Thank you to...

This game is from the book Silver Bullets by Karl Rohnke. Silver Bullets is filled with adventure based games and trust activities. If you’re working with older tamariki, this is a great resource for new ideas on play-based learning, encouraging benefits such as team work, building self confidence and taking the initiative.

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