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Perform It Up - Island Style!

A chance to recreate Pacific stories and beliefs using any performance art you choose.
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Learning outcomes

Tamariki know some Pacific stories and legends.

Why we love it

We know that celebrating culture boosts wellbeing and is wholly affirming. Here we’ve chosen to honour Pacific stories and beliefs. Pacific children may recognise some of these stories and this allows them a chance to talk about their knowledge and/or new learning, and take the limelight – literally!

Cultural tips

It’s important for Pacific children to have opportunities to see and talk about their culture. We hope this helps them, you and other students to celebrate and learn about their culture in a really engaging, rewarding and enjoyable way, acknowledging the unique value it brings.

What to do

Ask your students to head to Coconet TV, select Coco Kids, then Animated Pacific Legends.

Here’s the link to help:

Ask them to look through the legends section and consider how they might retell them. Note that there are lots of ways of relaying these, including shadow art, puppets, animation, acting, music, comedy and story-telling.

They may like to work in groups of up to five or six children, or you may wish to number-off students, to form groups at random.

Now it’s their turn! Each group must choose a legend, get to know it well and recreate it in a new way – drawing on a wide range of expertise, ideas and inspirations.

Students may choose to create an animated video, make a documentary or stage play, try their hand at shadow or sand work (using an overhead projector), doing something musical or rolling with another form of dramatic art they agree on and are inspired to try.

What next?

Continuing with a Pacific focus, you may like to connect your Tamariki using My Fale or if you're tamariki are enjoying performance activities, some other options are Listen to the Rain, Pirate Play or Emotions in Motion.

You might like to take your performances to your next assembly! But remember, if you record anything we’d love to see it too. You can send it to us at: [email protected] and we'll be sure to send a big thank you your way!


This activity was developed based on the Pacific Toolkit resource created by Angie Taulia Malae from West Spreydon School and the CDHB Health Promoting Schools Team. Big thanks for allowing us to use this work and caring so much about our Pacific children.

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