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Rising Tide

A resiliency-based set of activities based on reading, or listening to the book Rising Tide (He Tai Pari) – in English and/or te reo Māori.
Connections with the NZ Curriculum and Mental Health Education Guide (learn more)

He aha ai? – Why we love it

Rising Tide is a really special book as it works at multiple levels to demonstrate that 'what we think about ourselves' isn't always the truth.

The book helps tamariki challenge their thinking by demonstrating how our thoughts impact our feelings, which in turn impacts our behaviour. For instance if you think you're not very smart, and don't feel that great about an upcoming test, a likely outcome is that you don't bother studying. Understanding this can help us to change this cycle.

Hei mahi - What to do

Rising Tide has been created by the clever team from The Worry Bug (Sarina Dickson and Julie Burgess-Manning), who sought to support tamariki after the Christchurch earthquakes with books that gave them fantastic strategies to manage and be more resilient.

Rising Tide is a book all tamariki can relate to - they don't need to have lived through a disaster or major challenge to benefit from the strategies contained in the book to help build resilience and understand strengths.

Here's how Rising Tide works:

You can choose to:

You can then follow the lesson plans created by The Worry Bug team here.

Or follow your own journey cueing from your tamariki, their questions and what they've noticed in the story.

What next?

Encourage tamariki to take the book home and read or listen to with whānau. Our Sparklers at Home Version is the best link for Seesaw or other whānau communication tools.

Kōrero around the importance of our relations and friendships and extend this mahi with There For Me.

Build and support your tamariki to know and understand their strengths using Discover Your Strengths.

Looking after you

Foster the hauora of your kaiako and team

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