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Superheroes and the Colour Pink!

We’ve created this activity to encourage tamariki to think about Pink Shirt Day beyond the colour pink.
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This activity comes with two cool armband options: one that can be printed on pink paper or card (if you have it!) and a second that can be printed on white card. Each A4 sheet contains a pair of armbands. Perhaps have them available after this activity. Not all tamariki will choose to wear them, and that’s okay. We’re all learning new things.

Why we love it

Superhero Armbands (White Card)There are not many situations where we are asked to challenge our thinking, but it’s important to. Tamariki are learning to do this, and sometimes this may feel like they’re being told they are right or wrong, which can make us more unwilling to listen or accept another’s point of view. But it’s important to learn that we all have blindspots, prejudices – sometimes positive, sometimes not. Being more aware of these helps us be more empathetic and understanding, or at least to think more critically about the views we hold, and understand why.


This is a naïve enquiry kōrero. These are gentle questions where there’s no right or wrong, but the questions should gently challenge tamariki – some questions may be difficult to answer. And that is okay.

Ask tamariki to think about their favourite superhero. Often tamariki will be experts on these characters, but let’s see how well they really know them! Let them know there’s no right or wrong answer, these are just their thoughts and ideas.

  • What is your favourite superehero’s best trait – why?
  • If your superhero’s best trait is a superpower, e.g. flying, what is their greatest ‘human’ trait?
  • How do they use this human trait for good?
  • How is this similar to you?
  • Are there any other traits they share with you or your friends/whānau?
  • Pink Shirt Day originated because of a couple of Upstanders – David Shepherd and Travis Price from Canada – bought and gave out 50 pink shirts at school, after a male student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school. This was a creative way to show their support!
  • What would your favourite superhero think about Pink Shirt Day?
  • Would they wear anything pink today?

Let tamariki know the armbands are there if they choose to wear them.

What next?

Head to Being Brave for Others, and re-engage with the superhero theme if you think this is important and working well:

  • Is this how your favourate superhero responds?
  • Is another word for superhero, upstander? Why? Why not?

What does it take to be brave?

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