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An energising game to incorporate and extend te reo Māori
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Learning outcomes

Tamariki take part in activity with peers, learning new kupu Māori.

He aha ai? – Why we love it

An active, fun, team game which also extends your students’ knowledge of te reo Māori. This is a game that should connect and energise tamariki.

Tikanga tips

Watch that tamariki are only jumping over each other’s legs in this game. But if that’s not right for you or your tamariki, have tamariki tuck their legs in as their classmate jumps their way up the central line.

Hei mahi - What to do

Create two lines, so tamariki are sitting facing each other in pairs with their feet touching – with about 30cm between each pair in the line – so that tamariki can jump between them. Each line is a team.

Assign each pair the name of a fruit in te reo (assigning two pairs the same fruit, if needed): Āporo (apple), Panana (banana), Paināporo (pineapple), Huakiwi (kiwifruit), Ārani (orange), Rēmana (lemon), Kerepe (grape), Rōpere (strawberry), Rahipere (raspberry).

When you call the name of a fruit, the pairs assigned that name must stand up and jump over the legs of each of the pairs to their right until they get to the end, where they’ll race around the outside of the students to the beginning of the line, so they can jump over all remaining pairs, to get back to their spot. Whichever person sits first wins a point for their team (line).

After each go, ask what the te reo and English names for that fruit are, to help embed the learning.

What next?

Help tamariki learn other te reo words by changing the names of the pairs to:

  • Ngā rā o te wiki (days of the week) – Rāhina (Mon), Rātū (Tues), Rāapa (Weds), Rāpare (Thurs), Rāmere (Fri), Rāhoroi (Sat), Rātapu (Sun).
  • Months of the year – Kohitātea, Hui-tanguru, Paenga-whāwhā, Haratua, Pipiri, Hōngongoi, Here-turi-kōkā, Mahuru, Whiringa-ā-nuku, Whiringa-ā-rangi, Hakihea
  • Animals e.g. ngeru (cat), kurī (dog), karakotaera (crocodile), hepara (zebra), hōiho (horse), heihei (chicken), ika (fish)

If you're enjoying being outdoors with your tamariki, and they are too, you might try some mindfulness activities next time such as Favourites in the Natural World. We also love Department of Conservations Outdoor Classroom ideas - they are super!

Ngā mihi nui

Warmest thanks to Haeata Community Campus for suggesting this activity. We so appreciate your mahi and all it brings to Sparklers. Many times, ngā mihi.

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