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Hauora til the holidays!

A fun way to help activate Te Whare Tapa Whā at this tricky time of the school year.
Connections with the NZ Curriculum and Mental Health Education Guide (learn more)

He aha ai? – Why we love it

We're always looking for ways to activate Te Whare Tapa Whā and with the holidays near and tiredness at its peak, there is no better time!

Tāngia ēnei tohutohu – Print me

There are 3 pages to print for this Hauora til the Holidays Countdown, but you could get away with just two and add the instructions up on the board or projector. You could go either A3 or A4 or this one. Print the 2 pages for each of your tamariki, and either create a Whare Tapa Whā wall display, or tamariki could take them away for home use.

Hei mahi - What to do

When opening a lesson about hauora, you can begin with this karakia composed by Regan Stokes and Emma Lumb that relates to hauora.

Ask tamariki to follow the instructions to create their countdown and prepare them with felts or coloured pencils and glue or staplers.

We have created extra windows, so there's lots of space to adjust depending when you begin your countdown (not enough to start from the beginning of term though).

Then all you need to do is incorporate the window activity into your day! Please note that some of the activities are self-led and others will require you. There are lots of our no-resource Sparklers activities in there, so here they are listed with the links and some of our notes, to make things easier. This intel is just for you!

One final thing, all of the activities are placed near the hauora pou that they relate to - you might want to kōrero about this.


  1. Take time for Hikitia Te Hā - super easy, just follow the video provided.
  2. Learn about your name with What's in a Name - a take-home activity for tamariki to do with their whānau. Might make a good seesaw reminder!
  3. Get in 20 peke whetū today! Head outside and star-jump out the excess energy!
  4. Write about 2 things you're grateful for - a nice way to sneak some time! You might also extend this and do the Whakawhetai O'Clock activity - again a super easy video to follow. Tamariki will need 2 pieces of A4 paper and some felts.
  5. Head outside and take your shoes off - easy!
  6. Spend time on a Body Scan - a great way to calm your tamariki after lunch or before the afternoon bell. You might also do this outside.
  7. Spend time lying under a tree Tummy Breathing - we hope you liked day 6, because this is a lovely near-repeat!
  8. Manage the end of term tiredness and excitement with Energy Rollercoaster - a great way to kōrero about our energy levels.
  9. Make time for Mindful Birdsong - you could listen to the native manu while tummy breathing if tamariki have enjoyed that, or use the recordings to write stories and memories about.
  10. Check in with How am I Doing? - a simple worksheet activity but this will need adapting for younger tamariki - a picture of how they're feeling perhaps?
  11. Head outside with Kia Ora Taniwha! - Warning this is a bit raucous, but so much fun! We're saying head outside because you'll need to be mindful of your physical distancing.
  12. Share 4 compliments today with your school peers - super easy and good-vibes producing!
  13. Try some Nature Moves - basically a little bit of yoga outside. You may want to guide tamariki through a sequence, or make it super easy and use Cosmic Yoga - we thought this one was a goodie for outside!
  14. Draw what you think your garden looked like 100 years ago! - Hehe, this should be interesting! No need for too much history but a great take-home art piece with an explanation for whānau.
  15. Make someSneaky Thank You Cards - you might choose to print out the templates, or just allow tamariki to free-style it.
  16. Head to Compliment Posters activity and use the worksheet and ideas there to create a special end of year surprise for your awesome school principal from your class.

The door and the window also open revealing one extra activity and a compliment.

Looking after you

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