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Wellbeing Walkabout

Boost children’s awareness of the world around them.
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Why we love it

Spending time in nature is beneficial to our wellbeing, and we can build mindfulness by taking notice of our surroundings and how they make us feel.

This activity is also is an opportunity to explore kaitiakitanga (guardianship) of special outdoor places. Doing so fosters connection with and responsibility for the world we live in.

This extension – from admiring our natural environments to caring for them – can greatly deepen the benefits of this activity.

What to do

If needed, revisit our Favourite spaces Kōrero, to remind children of the connection between our emotions and spaces that make us feel good.

You may also like to work through the discussion from our Sense of the day activity, to help tamariki understand and tune-into their senses.

Then, to plan your wellbeing walkabout:

  • discuss children’s favourite spaces at school or in their community
  • agree on five you will visit on your walkabout
  • create a map of your school (as a class or individually) or neighbourhood
  • plan your wellbeing walkabout, either together as a class or in smaller groups, with the help of parent volunteers.

To complete your walkabout:

  • Let the children lead the groups to your agreed locations.
  • Ask them to:
    - use their senses
    - photograph or draw different areas
    - note how they feel in each location, and why.

Regroup and discuss your findings. What were the best features of each space? Why did they like some spaces more than others? What senses would they like to use more?

What next?

Make Sensory ketes or have some fun with our Sense of the day activity.

Looking after you

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