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Favourite Spaces

A calming activity that boosts students’ awareness of the world around them.
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Students will need a copy of our Favourite spaces worksheet.

Why we love it

Taking notice of our surroundings and how they make us feel builds mindfulness and can really boost the way we feel.

This activity helps students understand how different spaces can influence our wellbeing. It also gives them the chance to think about the spaces that make them feel safe, happy and calm.


As a group, discuss the places that make us feel good.

  • What is a space they like to spend time in?
  • What is it that makes it a nice place to be?
  • How do they feel when they spend time in that place?
  • Where in the classroom do they feel good? Why?
  • What’s their favourite space at school?
  • How can we care for our favourite inside places?
  • What about our favourite outside places?

What to do

Give each student a copy of our Favourite spaces worksheet and ask them to:

  • Write down two of their favourite places:
    - one at school
    - one outside of school.
  • Draw these places – or a favourite feature. This could be an object, toy, person or even the way they feel there.
  • Add some adjectives to describe how they feel when they are there.

To wrap up the activity, regroup and give tamariki the opportunity to share the places they’ve chosen or something they like about them.

Encourage children to spend time in these spaces whenever they can, and to find other spaces that make them feel safe, happy and calm.


For homework, ask students to survey their whānau, writing down what room or place they find calming and why.

You could also challenge them to try to improve a space they quite like, and report back. They could think of a way to tidy it up, add some colour or make it more comfortable. A few small changes can really change the way a place feels.

What next?

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