Why Wellbeing Matters

Wellbeing is about feeling good, functioning well, and whanaungatanga.

Hauora is linked to almost everything that you do and is fundamental to your overall health - affecting how well you can overcome difficulties and achieve what you want to in life.

Having tools that work for you, and using them a little and often, is the key to maintaining a sense of wellbeing.

There are ways to improve hauora. The best news? Tamariki wellbeing can be enhanced when evidence-informed practices (like the Sparklers activities) are used by kura; in partnership with whānau, guardians, and the community.

Wellbeing affects students’ engagement with learning, their social and emotional behaviour, and their overall satisfaction with life at school. It's important that you are mindful when taking care of your hauora too.

Check in consistently with yourself, since how you are impacts every aspect of your daily life. And it can be something simple like focusing on small daily actions that make you feel good!

We are reminded of the below whakataukī when we think about the importance of teaching skills for tamariki to be healthy, flourish, and boost their overall wellbeing.

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Sparklers activities are based on Five Ways to Wellbeing – simple actions which, research shows, will improve the way you’re feeling if you practice them often.

Building these actions into your everyday life can improve your hauora and boost your resilience; many of these will already be an important part of the experience for tamariki at school.

Learn more about the Five Ways and see how other kura are putting it into action.

Looking after you

Foster the hauora of your kaiako and team

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